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Outdoor lounge chairs - How to choose them

As the weather improves with summer firmly on the way thoughts turn to outdoors and sitting outside on those warm sunny days and balmy evenings. This is when you need to give some thought to outdoor lounge chairs and the many types there are to choose from. The styles for outdoor lounge chairs are numerous and also the construction, so when looking to buy outdoor lounge chairs this is the first consideration that has to be taken into account. Plastic, metal and wood are all popular choices when it comes to the construction of lounge chairs and they all have their good and bad points.

Plastic outdoor lounge chairs are one of the cheapest forms of outdoor lounge chairs, however they can crack easily so if you go for this type make sure they are formed out of the heavier plastic. They can also become uncomfortable when sitting on them for long periods of time; this is usually down to the slotting in the back. This can be overcome by choosing plastic outdoor lounge chairs that come with padded cushions or buying your own. You also have to be aware that plastic when left out in the hot sun can quickly become discolored. However they are the lightest of all the types of outdoor lounge chairs which means they can be moved around the yard or patio very easily.

Metal outdoor lounge chairs are also a popular choice when it comes to choosing furniture. They fit into the middle price bracket but as they are constructed from metal they are sturdier than the plastic but they are also movable. This type of outdoor lounge chairs will usually come with padded cushions so they are comfortable and will usually have wheels which makes moving them around the patio very easily.

The largest choice you will have when looking around for outdoor lounge chairs is the type constructed from wood. These are one of the most popular of all the outdoor lounge chairs but are also one of the dearest. Two of the most popular choices are wood are teak and red cedar; this is due to the fact that they can both stand up to the test of time and the elements. They are not a good choice if you want to move the furniture around, however they are the best construction of all outdoor lounge chairs.

When considering which type of outdoor lounge chairs might be the most suitable also give some thought as to where the chairs will go. If you have a pool and want the chairs around it then wood might not be the best option. Although you can stain and protect the wood over time, water could spoil them. Plastic might be the most practical outdoor lounge chairs for around the poolside. You also need to give some thought to the style of your garden and your budget. Wooden outdoor lounge chairs can cost hundreds of dollars and if you are only going to be sitting outdoors on the odd occasion then the cost will not be justified. However if you are into BBQs and having friends around all the time then paying out more for quality wooden outdoor lounge chairs will be justified.

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